Hi All! Thanks for visiting my blog.  I hope you enjoy the content whether it be structured, rants, ramblings or whatnot.

Here is a bit about me to get you started:

I’m an experienced software product management professional and have spent the past 15 years embedded in the IT industry. During this time I’ve launched successful businesses and products into the cloud, managed services, enterprise and consumer markets.  I’ve worked various positions in my career including tech support, sales, product management, acquisitions, channel partner management, customer service as well as in an IT department managing new implementations and integrations.

I currently work in DevOps / DevTest tools and technologies and focus on the most recent tech trends such as Agile Application Development, Software as a Service (Cloud), Big Data analytics, and Mobile Applications.

(Please note that this blog is a compilation of my own thoughts and it does not reflect the opinion of my employer.)

On a personal level, I am an avid runner and budding triathlete.  I’m a mom of two girls (ages 7 and 3) who are on opposite ends of the spectrum and teach me life lessons, like patience, daily.  I’m happily married and live in the great state of New York along with my large extended family.

In general, I’m an advocate for Women in Tech and I blog about geeky things that interest me.

My blog ideas come to me often and in abundance, some are great hits, some are misses – hopefully all of them get into this blog so you can explore the many sides of “Stefana the Geek”.

Thanks for reading and sharing!


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